ESP for fume purification

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ESP – Electrostatic Precipitartor for fume purificattion

This ESP device is mainly used for purification treatment of lampblack, oil mist, cooking fume during food processing. Cooking fume contains about 300 kinds of harmful substances and DNP etc, including lung carcinogen “two nitrophenol, benzopyrene,” long time inhale of lampblack will cause human body tissue lesions.

More than that, oil mist adhere to skins and preventing the skin breathe, it’ll cause loose skin, wrinkles, dark and rough, also make human get fat more easily. It may damage the immune system in the body and cause hair-loss in various degrees. Because of these, The popularity of Fupur fume purifier is imperative.

The fume suctioned into fume purifier by fan, after pre-filter, most of the large oil drops and particles will be suctioned into the High-voltage filed, during this process of collision and filtration, the fume is ionized, the oil mist is charged and mostly degraded carbonization; a few oil drops will be moved to and adhered on the positive and negative plate, then flows and drops into the collecting drawer. The rest of micron oil mist will be degraded in to CO2 and water, to make sure the exhaust air is clean. Under the high voltage, it also will generate ozone, this can remove most odor.

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