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Fupur Electrostatic Precipitators or ESPs have been specifically designed for purifying fume, oil mist from commercial kitchen exhaust systems. The advantages of ESP  is not only to purify and create clean air after chimneys but also to make the pipes clean and prevent fire from accumulating grease in pipes.

It is an environmental protection equipment and also a fire risk prevention solution in Hotel, restaurant.

The ionisation voltage of the equipment has been designed to run at a negative potential which enhances the ionisation of particles and also produces more ozone which is helpful in reducing cooking odors. For our FPE2 series which can purify fume, lampblack of 98% efficiency , and can remove 70% odors.

Our ESP fume purifier are suitable for kitchen ducts and can be configured in modules to meet all requirements for extracted volumes.

The advantages of Fupur ESP:

  • The machine cover are made from powder coated steel casing
  • The filter cells are made from high grade aluminium. Light weight and durable. (Some model are made from 304 SUS)
  • The self develop high voltage set are made from good brands electrical spare parts and passed testing process. Low power consumption, safe, stable and durable

Models of ESPs: 

Fupur’s ESP fume purifiers has designed for extracted volumes from 3000 m3/h to 32.000 m3/h. They can be configured in modules for larger wind volumes.

Efficiency of ESP

Fupur’s ESP fume purifiers has designed for 2 levels of efficiency: 90% (FPE1 type) and >96% – 98% (FPE2)

Design of ESP

Fupur’s ESP fume purifiers has designed in industrial design and painted in two colors on one device: Navy blue and Green. In some special orders or optional design, we paint navy blue and light blue. 


  • Purifying commercial kitchen fume, oil mist, odor in Hotels, restaurants, catering
  • Fire risk prevention from Kitchen hood, exhaust pipes
  • Purifying fume, odors from food process.

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